A selection of longer, heavily reported magazine pieces:

“The Liar’s ‘Tell’: Is the Psychologist Paul Ekman Telling the Truth?” Chronicle of Higher Education, October 10, 2014.

“Need for Speed: The Night I Raced Away From Washington’s Hellish Traffic” (or, My Humbling Evening at Summit Point Motorsports Park), Washingtonian, June 2014.

Illustration by Ryan Inzana: www.ryaninzana.com

Illustration by Ryan Inzana: www.ryaninzana.com

“Beyond Belief: The Limits of Religious Tolerance” (on the legal debate over religious exemptions from laws), Chronicle of Higher Education, June 9, 2014.

Getty Images

Getty Images

“Thinking Big: Erez Aiden slaloms between the sciences and the humanities, inspiring both awe and skepticism,” Chronicle Review, January 17, 2014.

“Rule Breaker,” Chronicle, June 2011. A profile of the neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland.

“Fighting Back,” Preservation, May/June 2010. Civil War historians and preservationists square off against Walmart.

“Sean Wilentz, Bringing it All Back Home,” Chronicle Review (Chronicle of Higher Education), September 2010.

“Michael Sandel Wants to Talk to You About Ethics,” Chronicle Review, September 2009.

“An Anthropologist Bridges Two Worlds: With His Insights Into the Culture of Street Addicts, Philippe Bourgois Helps Doctors Make a Difference,” Chronicle Review, June 2, 2009.

“Uncovering Montpelier’s Hidden Past,” on the restoration of James Madison’s house, Preservation, September/October 2008.

“Against Intuition,” on the rise of experimental philosophy, Chronicle Review, October 2008.

“New Grub Street: How Did Ethics Become a Staple of Contemporary Food Writing?” Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 2007. On Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and other recent books about food, ethics, and the environment.

“Lessons of the Middle East: In the scrutinized classrooms of Mideast studies, questions of balance loom everywhere,” December 2005. Princeton Alumni Weekly.

“The Ethicist: Peter Singer and His Students,” January 2005, Princeton Alumni Weekly.

“The Brawl on the Mall,” on the fight over the World War II memorial, Preservation, January/February 2001.

“White Men Can’t Contextualize: Psychologist Richard Nisbett Believes That Asians and Westerners Think and Even See Differently—and He Has the Data to Prove It,” Lingua Franca, September 2001.

“High Hopes: On the Road to Elite Status, Georgetown’s Come a Long Way in a Short Time. Now It Has to Decide Just What Kind of University It Wants To Be,” Washington Post Magazine, November 5, 2000 (cover).

“Don’t Talk to the Humans: The Crackdown on Social-Science Research,” Lingua Franca, September 2000 (cover).

“The Return of Ishi’s Brain: After an Unsettling Discovery, Anthropologists Reconsider a Legendary Friendship,” Lingua Franca, February 2000.

“The Gap: The Chasm Between Academe and the Rest of America Is Wide–and Getting Wider,” Washington Post Magazine, April 1, 1999.

“In Drug-Policy Debate, Center at Columbia U. Take a Hard Line: Institute’s studies grab headlines, but critics call its approach oversimplified,” Chronicle, October 1997.

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